Introduction to Economics

Fall 2020

This course is the first introduction to both micro- and macroeconomics for undergraduate students. The course introduces: (1) the law of supply and demand, (2) preferences and choices, (3) consumer theory, (4) production and cost, (5) [imperfect] competition, (6) production factors, (7) wages, (8) and finally dives into macroeconomics [employment, capital and growth, money markets,…].


Teaching Assistant for Dr. Charles Plott


  1. Designed a recitation lecture each week. I would spend some time reviewing the correct answers to the problem sets, then I would go over lecture topics from the last week that students seemed to struggle with. Finally, I would open the class up to more discussions and questions.
  2. Wrote the first draft of the midterm and final exams. The questions in these drafts typically made it into the final drafts of the exams.
  3. Graded weekly problem sets, midterm, final, and weekly short essays for approximately 40 students.
  4. Held weekly office hours.
Brenden Eum
Brenden Eum
PhD Candidate, Social & Decision Neuroscience